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Free home jewelry business success tips and in-depth articles on marketing handcrafted jewelry. Reach your jewelry business goals with this vast collection of info on the business of jewelry art.
An authentic collection of sacred geometry jewelry and talismans for healing, self balance and unity. Crafted with great love by the artist David Weitzman.
American manufacturer of gold and silver coin jewelry including coin watches, coin money clips, coin pendants & coin necklaces.
Stunning designer sterling silver jewelry inspired by Mother Earth. Signature butterfly jewelry range features real butterfly wings! Handmade jewelry includes semiprecious gem stone and pearl jewelry.
typewriter jewelry, creatively sourced, authentically and carefully restored, and personally hand made by me in my studio here in Hurstbridge, Australia.
,Online body jewelry store. Thousands of high quality body piercing jewelry items in unique sizes, colors and styles. Short belly rings, long belly rings, cartilage earrings, tragus earrings, nose rings, lip rings and more. Check our full selection of body jewelry at our online store.
LK, designed by Leetal Kalmanson, is one of the fastest growing fashion jewelry names around the world
Handcrafted and custom-made jewelry at affordable prices. Sterling silver and gold-filled necklaces, bracelets, earrings and pendulumsof Swarovski crystal, semi-precious gemstones, pearl, and shell.
Sterling Silver 925 & Gold Gemstones Birthstones Jewelry Handcrafted. Hammered Ornate & Filigree Handmade Kabbalah Hebrew Jewellery Rings Bands Spinners Pendants Necklaces Earrings
Jewelry Adventures. . . Join me on my travels to find precious and semi-precious gemstones, silver and gold. Art meets science in the world of Jewelry Design.
Patriotic jewelry specializing in quality 14k gold jewelry lapel pins, American flag jewelry pendants with a patriotic theme. American flag, flag pins and religious jewelry, America, USA, gold lapel pins, American flag pendants
Wood jewelry boxes by Russell Pool. Stunning woods and beautiful designs.
estate jewelry, antiques, antique jewelry, sterling silver, souvenir spoons, diamonds, gemstones bought and sold by Lee Ryan Antiques and Estate Jewelry
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